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Frequently asked questions.

If you would like more information about Town Criers and what duties they provide this page contains a list of all the most frequently asked questions and their answers, so you should be able to find an answer to your question/s, if you cannot find the answer to your question then please feel free to get in touch you can find all of Colin’s contact details here on the Contact page.

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Traditional Town Crier FAQ’s

What is a Town Crier?

Traditionally he is the early newspaper – since Medieval times the King and Lords of the Manor used a ‘Bellman’ to go out and give their information. The ‘Crier’ title replaced the bellman in some parts because he ‘cried’ out loud. A colourful costume made him stand out in the crowd and along with the bell ring he attracted the people to hear the news.

After the ‘reading’ the Town Crier ‘posted the notice’ on a nearby tree or post for the educated to read for themselves.

Who is the Town Crier?

He or she, in more modern times, is the colourful character who wants to proclaim the benefits of the area in which they live. Colin W Ballard was proud to extol the virtues of Lytham and St Anne’s. With his flamboyant uniform and heavy bell he undertakes to shout with clarity information regarding the area from Council, associations or societies.

How is a Town Crier appointed?

Following his enquiry regarding the position and discovery that the previous incumbent, Eddie Bowkett, had retired 10 years earlier Colin was invited to audition with the Lancashire Day Proclamation. The Squire of the Manor of Lytham and St Anne’s Council members listened attentively and approved his delivery.

On 20th December 2011 at a St Anne’s Council meeting he was presented with a scroll of appointment and registered himself with The Ancient and Honourable Guild of Town Criers in order to gain more knowledge, experience and advice from more experienced members.

What does a Town Crier actually do?

The Town Crier leads the Local ‘Club Day’, ‘Carnival’ and other festive events. He represents the ‘Squire’ and Council at official functions. He announced the departure of the Olympic Torch from Royal Lytham Golf Club, proclaimed the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebration Events in many areas of the towns and at Lytham Hall. He acted as M. C. for the Armed Forces Day Flag Raising and agreement signing ceremony.

Colin W Ballard also provided lectures regarding the history, style and development of the role of Town Crier. Where the audience could view a ‘powerpoint’ presentation and handle artefacts.

Where and when can I see the Town Crier?

Colin W Ballard could be regularly seen and heard around both Lytham and St Anne’s tipping his tricorne hat and greeting residents and visitors alike before and after his announcements. He also delivered the Lancashire Proclamation on 27th November each year and he would announced and be present at the annual Christmas lights switch on, St Anne’s Carol Service.

Can I book his services?

No Colin has now officially retired as the Town Crier.

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You can find more detailed information about the services that Colin provides on the the Toastmaster Services pages, if you would like to get in touch to ask a question or make an enquiry you can find all of Colin’s contact details here on the Contact page.

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