Professional Town Crier Lytham St Annes – Retired

Colin W Ballard was the Town Crier to both the Manor of Lytham and St Anne’s where he was regularly seen and heard tipping his tricorne hat and greeting the local residents and visitors in order to make announcements & deliver proclamations

Colin provided the services of a traditional Town Crier, delivering the news and details of forthcoming events in and around the local area for the Council, associations or societies.

During his tenure as the official Town Crier, Colin has embarked upon a series of illustrated talks to school children about the role and history of Town Criers, and their uniform and commonly used expressions relating to the role.

Colin would often appear in both the Lytham & St Annes’s town centres in order to provide both the local residents and tourists visiting the area information about the history, traditions & features of the two towns and to extol their virtues.

Officially Appointed Traditional Town Crier

Colin W Ballard was officially appointed Town Crier on the 20th of December 2011 when he was presented with a scroll of appointment, Colin’s appointment as the joint Town Crier is to both the Manor of Lytham, as in the gift of James Hilton, Lord of the Manor, and St Anne’s Town Council, and Colin is also registered with The Ancient and Honourable Guild of Town Criers.

Colin was appointed as the official Town Crier following a demonstration of his skills for Lancashire Day on 27th November 2011, when Colin made ‘cries’ in St Anne’s town crescent, before reading the Lancashire proclamation and announcing the competition winners to the large crowd assembled outside Ashton Gardens.

In order for Colin to perform his role in an authentic manner a new outfit was designed & created by Lynda Ormerod based in Lytham, Lynda is a seamstress and costumier who skilfully ‘crafted’ the uniform as a ‘labour of love’.

The large and commanding bell that Colin employs to attract the attention of his audience before making ‘cries’, was cast by the London Bell Foundry and the fine new footwear, namely a sturdy pair of clogs, were made by Roger Dower of Burnley.

Colin officially retired from his apointment as Town Crier on the 27th March 2019.

Professional Services Tailored To Meet Requirements

During his tenure as the Town Crier, Colin appeared at a wide range of events Mayors' Balls, Britain in Bloom competition judging, The Olympic Torch Ceremony, The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations and he also lead both Club Day and Carnival Day for the local area.

A Town Crier can be appointed for many occasions including Weddings, Masonic Ladies Festivals, Civic Receptions, Dinners, Corporate Events, Burns Night Suppers, Product Launches and Topping Out Ceremonies, whatever the event.

Colin used his experience and skills to understand and arrange special occasions of any type so that, everything flows smoothly allowing you to enjoy a special time without any anxiety.

More Information & Frequently Asked Questions

You can find more information on the FAQ’s page that contains the answer to the most frequently asked questions, or if you would just like to make a general enquiry please feel free to get in touch you can find all Colin’s contact details here on the Contact page.

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