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Frequently asked questions.

If you would like more information about Toastmasters or Masters Of Ceremonies and what duties they provide this page contains a list of all the most frequently asked questions and their answers, so you should be able to find an answer to your question/s, if you cannot find the answer to your question then please feel free to get in touch you can find all of Colin’s contact details here on the Contact page.

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Toast Master Or Master Of Ceremonies FAQ’s

What is a Toastmaster & Master Of Ceremonies?

The Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies are an integral part of the ‘home’ team. He consults with you, the host, on every aspect of your event and agrees all necessary timings, procedures and set–piece moments with you. The Toastmaster advises you on etiquette, ceremonial precedence and correct forms of address.

Is it expensive engaging a Toastmaster & Master Of Ceremonies?

No. Engaging the services of a Toastmaster is not expensive. With the independence of the Toastmaster services to organise and officiate at your event, then it really is highly recommended that you engage their services and remove all of your worries. Toastmasters are able to apply their skills to any type of wedding occasion or civil ceremony.

What are the duties of a Toastmaster & Master Of Ceremonies?

On your behalf, the Toastmaster & Master of Ceremonies main duty is the overall organisation to ensure the smooth and timely running of your event and the Toastmasters duties include the following activities:

  • Announcing your guests and presenting them to you
  • Making all guests feel welcome
  • Gaining silence and attention for grace, speeches and toasts
  • Introducing artistes and entertainers
  • Acting as an auctioneer, fundraiser or prize–caller
  • Liaising with banqueting staff and photographers

The Toastmaster & Master Of Ceremonies spectrum of activity is the overall co–ordination and steering of every type of event calling for any degree of formality and they are also at ease in those situations where only a gentle, guiding hand is needed, in business today experienced toastmasters are often utilised at conferences and company presentations, as they have that rare combination of tact, diplomacy and management skills for the effective direction of large numbers of people.

In addition to that high degree of sensitivity and empathy, his armoury encompasses a very considerable breadth of knowledge of protocol and event organisation.

What type of events does a Toastmaster & Master Of Ceremonies provide services for?

A Toastmaster & Master Of Ceremonies are appointed for many occasions including:

  • Wedding Receptions (All cultures)
  • Corporate Dinners & Dinner Dances
  • Themed Banquets & Gala Balls
  • Masonic Ladies Festivals
  • Rotary Club & Roundtable Functions
  • Bar Mitzvahs & Birthday Parties
  • Cocktail Parties, Civic Lunches & Banquets
  • Award Ceremonies & Conferences
  • Official Openings & Product Launches
  • Topping Out Ceremonies

What duties will a Toastmaster & Master Of Ceremonies perform at your wedding?

At a wedding the Toastmaster & Master Of Ceremonies will perform the following duties:

  • Greet the couple to be wed upon their arrival at the wedding reception
  • Inform guests about all the facilities available at the wedding venue
  • Help the wedding photographer and the wedding videographer in gathering members of the bridal party together
  • Assemble the bridal party to receive guests and announce them individually
  • When all the guests are seated he will announce the entrance of the couple and escort them to the top table
  • If requested he will say grace
  • After the meal he will announce the cutting of the cake
  • He will announce the speeches ensuring they are conducted in the correct order to avoid embarrassment

Why consider engaging a Toastmaster & Master Of Ceremonies at your Wedding Reception?

The advantages gained by using the services of a fully qualified professional Toastmaster or Master of Ceremonies – a member of the Nothern Guild of Toastmasters – include:

  • Freeing the organiser from anxiety, enabling them to enjoy the event
  • Allowing the management of the venue to concentrate on their own tasks
  • Confidence that responsibility for detailed co–ordination can be reliably delegated
  • Independent advice and on–going consultancy available on the different facets of the event
  • An assured, reliable, professional manner
  • Your event conducted with authority and dignity, without an overbearing attitude
  • That extra ‘touch of class’ and style to complement the occasion.

What does a Toastmaster & Master Of Ceremonies do at a Wedding Reception?

At a wedding reception the Toastmaster & Master Of Ceremonies will perform the following duties:

  • Arrive at the reception venue well before the arrival of the couple to liaise with the Banqueting or Catering Manager
  • Greet the couple on their arrival and ensure their needs are catered for
  • Greet the main members of the wedding party, check with the Best Man that he is aware of his responsibilities
  • Liaise with, and co-ordinate activities of, caterers, photographer, video operator, entertainers and band leader/DJ
  • Assist the photographer in gathering the required groups together
  • Organise the receiving line and announce guests to be received
  • Announce the entrance of the couple
  • Announce, or say, Grace
  • Make any announcements required, eg. cameras on tables, circulation of guest book, smoking restrictions, etc
  • Announce ceremonial cutting of cake
  • Announce speakers and toasts
  • Announce details of evening entertainment
  • Undertake any other duty required of him

He/she will adapt to any changes from the traditional format to fit in with the way the special day has been planned. He/she will have been engaged for many wedding receptions and will have the experience of every variation from the traditional norm. That experience will assist should the organiser seek his advice at any time on any aspect of the event.

A professional toastmaster can make the difference between the perfect day and near disaster.

What should I look for when looking for a wedding Toastmaster & Master Of Ceremonies?

When looking for a Toastmaster & Master Of Ceremonies for a special event it makes sense to exercise "due diligence" and do some research on the services of different Toastmasters and investigate the difference between their services in order to make an informed choice.

  • Choose an experienced, personable and properly–trained toastmaster
  • Check that they belong to a reputable Toastmaster organisation
  • Make sure they are available for your specific wedding date!
  • Double check all event dates and times
  • Agree that the Toastmaster will be available one hour before the wedding reception
  • Liaises with the catering management, reception staff etc to ensure they all work in ‘sync’during the event
  • Make sure that you agree all fees, including travel and accomodation, beforehand with your Toastmaster

How do I engage Colin to act as Toastmaster & Master Of Ceremonies at my event?

If you would like to engage Colin to act as Toastmaster & Master Of Ceremonies at your event please feel free to get in touch with him to discuss your requirements and needs for your event. You can find all of Colin’s contact details here on the Contact page, please use the method that you find easiest such as telephone or email and Colin will call back or reply to your email as soon as possible.

More Information Professional Toastmaster Services

You can find more detailed information about the services that Colin provides on the Toastmaster Services page, if you would like to get in touch to ask a question or make an enquiry you can find all of Colin’s contact details here on the Contact page.

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